Todd Lubart

The intrinsic diversity of creativity research: Interview with Prof. Todd Lubart

Vlad Glăveanu


Professor Todd Lubart’s past and present work on creativity is a perfect example of how dynamic and multi-faceted this area of psychology really is. Creative phenomena draw on cognitive, personality, emotional, motivational and social processes at once and creativity studies can be found at the intersection between different psychological fields: cognitive, social and personality, organisational, developmental, educational, individual differences and so on. In this interview Professor Lubart discusses his creativity research projects and how they evolved in a constant dialogue between personal interests and opportunities for research and collaboration. Creativity is portrayed as a heterogeneous domain where the most interesting breakthroughs happen ‘at the borders’. Here, those who make an impact are the ones ready to take risks and exploit the domain’s intrinsic diversity and the possibilities for creative thinking associated with it.

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