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Vol 14, No 1 (2018): February

Table of Contents


Needed in Psychology: Theoretical Precision PDF HTML
Jaan Valsiner 1-6

Research Reports

Aging Anxieties and Disturbed Eating in Female Students: It’s not all About Aging Appearance Concern PDF HTML
Béré Mahoney 7-27
Guilt and Proneness to Shame: Unethical Behaviour in Vulnerable and Grandiose Narcissism PDF HTML
Pauline Georgees Poless, Linda Torstveit, Ricardo Gregorio Lugo, Marita Andreassen, Stefan Sütterlin 28-43
Staying Streetwise: Accurate Judgments of Approaching Aggression in Older Age PDF HTML
Liam Paul Satchell, Lucy Akehurst, Paul Hayden Morris, Claire Nee 44-53
More Is not Always Better: The Differentiated Influence of Empathy on Different Magnitudes of Creativity PDF HTML
Sven Form, Christian Kaernbach 54-65
Psychological Well-Being, Multiple Identities, and Discrimination Among First and Second Generation Immigrant Muslims PDF HTML
Cristina Giuliani, Semira Tagliabue, Camillo Regalia 66-87
Culturally Competent Practice: A Mixed Methods Study Among Students, Academics and Alumni of Clinical Psychology Master’s Programs in the Netherlands PDF HTML
Lennie R. C. Geerlings, Claire L. Thompson, Vivian Kraaij, Ger P. J. Keijsers 88-106
Mama Mach and Papa Mach: Parental Machiavellianism in Relation to Dyadic Coparenting and Adolescents’ Perception of Parental Behaviour PDF HTML
András Láng 107-124
To Seek or Not to Seek Advice: Talking About Romantic Issues During Emerging Adulthood PDF HTML
Semira Tagliabue, Maria Giulia Olivari, Cristina Giuliani, Emanuela Confalonieri 125-142
Online Discussion and the Moral Pathway to Identity Politicization and Collective Action PDF HTML
Augusta Isabella Alberici, Patrizia Milesi 143-158
Effects of Individual Differences and Job Characteristics on the Psychological Health of Italian Nurses PDF HTML
Maria Clelia Zurlo, Federica Vallone, Andrew P. Smith 159-175
The Mediational Role of Coping Strategies in the Relationship Between Self-Esteem and Risk of Internet Addiction PDF HTML
Rocco Servidio, Ambra Gentile, Stefano Boca 176-187

Literature Reviews

Why Is Working Memory Performance Unstable? A Review of 21 Factors PDF HTML
Rachael N. Blasiman, Christopher A. Was 188-231
The Flow Engine Framework: A Cognitive Model of Optimal Human Experience PDF HTML
Milija Šimleša, Jérôme Guegan, Edouard Blanchard, Franck Tarpin-Bernard, Stéphanie Buisine 232-253
Social Support and Symptom Severity Among Patients With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or Panic Disorder With Agoraphobia: A Systematic Review PDF HTML
Véronique Palardy, Ghassan El-Baalbaki, Catherine Fredette, Elias Rizkallah, Stéphane Guay 254-286

Book Reviews

Sexual Offending: Cognition, Emotion, and Motivation PDF HTML
David Prescott 287-290