Making a difference: EJOP choice

Beatrice Popescu
EJOP Editor

The initiative of launching an electronic journal of psychology may seem rather eccentric in today’s Eastern Europe where economic and political priorities tend to animate both the academic “arena” and the cyberspace. Whether there is a need for such a product or not on the free market of ideas, time will probably decide. For the time being though, our wish is to launch a warm invitation to you, all students and professionals in the field of psychology to express your views, regardless of theoretical orientation.

In EJOP we will try to balance both the scientific and the applied areas, ideally following the scientist-practitioner’s paradigm. EJOP will welcome any contribution beneficial to the development of psychology as theory and practice. And if this also involves constructive criticism from professionals in the field, we will welcome this kind of approach too.

While most of the psychology journals worldwide try to maintain a rather narrow view in the name of specialization, some of the keywords expressing EJOP’s style are: eclecticism, diversity, inter-disciplinarity, multiculturalism, courage, humour. Still a rather shy newcomer in the virtual psychological community, EJOP will try to prove its efficiency by meeting your professional needs as soon as possible.

Our hope is that you, dear reader, will soon become our partner into sharing the latest thoughts and questions stirring the contemporary man or woman interested in psychology either as science, art, theory, praxis, vocation or passion. Hopefully we will be able to grow together sharing our intellectual experiences, by taking advantage of the benefits offered by Internet communication.