To Be or Not to Be a Psychologist?

Vlad-Petre Glaveanu
EJOP Assistant Editor

To be or not to be a psychologist? This is the question, or, in other words, “who isn’t a psychologist nowadays”? Not very far can we find that, from the magazines filled with “tests”, that we like to read, the “practical” books full of good intentions and advices about how to live our lives, the news that make a “fashion” out of psychological portraits, and up to the discussions made with a lot of psychological delicacy by our parents at home, every setting, every space and each one of our contacts “suffers” the influence of psychology (as science, as art, as hobby, or – and this is the worse possible thing – as amusement). Each and every day, directly or indirectly, explicitly or implicitly, loudly or quietly, we stumble over what has become “ the psychology of our everyday life ”.

In this kind of environment, that troubles us by its diversity, we try to transform a project into reality. What is “Europe’s Journal of Psychology”? In itself, it represents a challenge, but also a call. The challenge consists in our attempt to publish only those articles that respect high standards of quality, with regard to the information offered. The call is made for all those who love psychology, i.e. teachers, professionals or even amateurs and (especially) students, to study and to share, to participate and to communicate, to cooperate at a national scale and collaborate at a higher level, a European one.

Now we are facing a beginning. What we want is, in a near future, to demonstrate that “not everyone we meet is a psychologist and not everything we read is psychology”. The understanding of the human soul is more than a simple curiosity, it is an activity that requires abnegation, talent and responsibility .