Vol 14, No 4 (2018)


Table of Contents


In Defence of Machine Learning: Debunking the Myths of Artificial Intelligence PDF HTML
Constance de Saint Laurent 734-747

Research Reports

Positive Variables in Adult Patients Who Are at Different Stages of a Naturalistic Psychotherapeutic Treatment PDF HTML
Vanesa C. Gongora 748-763
The Big Five, Aesthetic Judgment Styles, and Art Interest PDF HTML
Reza Afhami, Shahin Mohammadi-Zarghan 764-775
On the Very-Long-Term Effect of Managing One’s Own Memory: The Intention to Forget Improves Recognition After a Year’s Delay PDF HTML
Veronika V. Nourkova, Alena A. Gofman, Mikhail D. Kozlov 776-791
Self Representations and Music Performance Anxiety: A Study With Professional and Amateur Musicians PDF HTML
Claudia Castiglione, Alberto Rampullo, Silvia Cardullo 792-805
Perceptions of Close Relationship Through the Machiavellians´ Dark Glasses: Negativity, Distrust, Self-Protection Against Risk and Dissatisfaction PDF HTML
Tamás Ináncsi, Attila Pilinszki, Tünde Paál, András Láng 806-830
Self-Esteem, Social Comparison, and Facebook Use PDF HTML
Elisa Bergagna, Stefano Tartaglia 831-845
Investigating the Effects of Cultural-Mindset Priming on Evaluation of Job Performance Behaviors PDF HTML
Vipanchi Mishra, Marcus Bost Jr. 846-862
Differential Effects of Workaholism and Work Engagement on the Interference Between Life and Work Domains PDF HTML
Giovanni Di Stefano, Maria Gaudiino 863-879
The Prospective Association Between the Five Factor Personality Model With Health Behaviors and Health Behavior Clusters PDF HTML
Chelsea Joyner, Ryan E. Rhodes, Paul D. Loprinzi 880-896
The Mediating Role of Self-Concept and Coping Strategies on the Relationship Between Attachment Styles and Perceived Stress PDF HTML
Rıza Bayrak, Murat Güler, Nesrin Hisli Şahin 897-913
Family Acculturation in Host and Immigrant Couples: Dyadic Research in an Italian Context PDF HTML
Nadia Rania, Laura Migliorini, Stefania Rebora 914-931
The Role of Prevolitional Processes in Video Game Playing: A Test of the Model of Goal-Directed Behavior and the Extended Model of Goal-Directed Behavior PDF HTML
Bibiána Kováčová Holevová 932-948
Improving Temporal Consistency of Preferences: The Influence of Mental Construal PDF HTML
Asli Elif Aydin 949-965

Book Reviews

Contemporary Digital Life: Cyberpsychological Perspectives PDF HTML
Camelia Gradinaru 966-969