Vol 15, No 1 (2019)


Special Issue on "Irrational Beliefs" (guest-edited by Iris Žeželj and Ljiljana B. Lazarević)

Table of Contents


Irrational Beliefs PDF HTML
Iris Žeželj, Ljiljana B. Lazarević 1-7

Research Reports

Individual Differences in Anchoring Effect: Evidence for the Role of Insufficient Adjustment PDF HTML
Predrag Teovanović 8-24
A Cue for Rational Reasoning: Introducing a Reference Point in Cognitive Reflection Tasks PDF HTML
Kaja Damnjanović, Vera Novković, Irena Pavlović, Sandra Ilić, Slobodan Pantelić 25-40
Refinement of Outcome Bias Measurement in the Parental Decision-Making Context PDF HTML
Kaja Damnjanović, Sandra Ilić, Irena Pavlović, Vera Novković 41-58
Conspiracy Mentality in Post-Conflict Societies: Relations With the Ethos of Conflict and Readiness for Reconciliation PDF HTML
Boban Petrović, Janko Međedović, Olivera Radović, Sanja Radetić Lovrić 59-81
Traumatic Rift: How Conspiracy Beliefs Undermine Cohesion After Societal Trauma? PDF HTML
Michal Bilewicz, Marta Witkowska, Myrto Pantazi, Theofilos Gkinopoulos, Olivier Klein 82-93
How (Ir)rational Is it to Believe in Contradictory Conspiracy Theories? PDF HTML
Petar Lukić, Iris Žeželj, Biljana Stanković 94-107
The Differential Effects of Good Luck Belief on Cognitive Performance in Boys and Girls PDF HTML
Lenka Kostovičová 108-119
Who Believes in ESP: Cognitive and Motivational Determinants of the Belief in Extra-Sensory Perception PDF HTML
Marija Branković 120-139
Relating Rational and Experiential Thinking Styles With Trait Emotional Intelligence in Broader Personality Space PDF HTML
Biljana Jokić, Danka Purić 140-158
“Dysrationalia” Among University Students: The Role of Cognitive Abilities, Different Aspects of Rational Thought and Self-Control in Explaining Epistemically Suspect Beliefs PDF HTML
Nikola Erceg, Zvonimir Galić, Andreja Bubić 159-175