Vol 15, No 2 (2019)


Table of Contents


Global Citizenship: Buzzword or New Instrument for Educational Change? PDF HTML
Abdeljalil Akkari, Kathrine Maleq 176-182

Research Reports

Mediating Role of Resilience in the Relationships Between Fear of Happiness and Affect Balance, Satisfaction With Life, and Flourishing PDF HTML
Murat Yildirim 183-198
The Dark Side of Study: When Study Negatively Affects Relationships and School Climate. The Study-Relationships Conflict Scale PDF HTML
Yura Loscalzo, Marco Giannini 199-210
Frogs’ Legs Versus Roast Beef: How Culture Can Influence Mind-Wandering Episodes Across the Lifespan PDF HTML
Léa M. Martinon, Jonathan Smallwood, Colin Hamilton, Leigh M. Riby 211-239
Workplace Bullying and Occupational Stress Among University Teachers: Mediating and Moderating Factors PDF HTML
Naima Akhtar Malik, Kaj Björkqvist 240-259
Assessing the Structure of the Five Factor Model of Personality (IPIP-NEO-120) in the Public Domain PDF HTML
Petri J. Kajonius, John A. Johnson 260-275
Youth Participation in Psychological Literature: A Semantic Analysis of Scholarly Publications in the PsycInfo Database PDF HTML
Iana Tzankova, Elvira Cicognani 276-291
Extreme Desire for Motherhood: Analysis of Narratives From Women Undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) PDF HTML
Viviana Langher, Fabiola Fedele, Andrea Caputo, Francesco Marchini, Cesare Aragona 292-311
What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Participation? Sense of Community and Social Representations of Participation PDF HTML
Alessia Rochira, Evelyn De Simone, Terri Mannarini, Sergio Salvatore 312-328
Monetary Equivalent Value (MEV) of a Published Article in Psychology PDF HTML
Joseph G. Ponterotto 329-341
Test of the Bifactor Model of Job-Related Affective Well-Being PDF HTML
Mariola Laguna, Emilia Mielniczuk, Wiktor Razmus 342-357
The Perception of Instability and Legitimacy of Status Differences Enhances the Infrahumanization Bias among High Status Groups PDF HTML
Cristina Mosso, Silvia Russo 358-366
Psychological Meanings of Eating Disorders and Their Association With Symptoms, Motivation Toward Treatment, and Clinical Evolution Among Outpatients PDF HTML
Marie-Pierre Gagnon-Girouard, Marie-Pier Chenel-Beaulieu, Annie Aimé, Carole Ratté, Catherine Bégin 367-379
Identifying With How We Are, Fitting With What We Do: Personality and Dangerousness at Work as Moderators of Identification and Person–Organization Fit Effects PDF HTML
Emmanouela Mandalaki, Gazi Islam, Urszula Lagowska, Camila Tobace 380-403
Memory, Subjective Memory and Motor Functioning in Non-Demented Elders With and Without Parkinson’s Disease PDF HTML
Maria Chiara Fastame, Paul Kenneth Hitchcott, Federica Corona, Giuseppina Pilloni, Micaela Porta, Massimiliano Pau, Maria Pietronilla Penna 404-420