Vol 7, No 2 (2011)


Table of Contents


Psychology, domination and resistance PDF
Stephen Reicher 204-217


The study of personality in organizations: Interview with Gian Vittorio Caprara PDF
Miruna Andreescu, Daniela Vercellino 218-220

Research Reports

Do positive emotions help us cope with occupational stress? PDF
Michael Galanakis, Fotini Galanopoulou, Anastasios Stalikas 221-240
The differential impact of prognostic and process expectations versus panic severity on depressive symptoms in panic disorder with agoraphobia PDF
Theodora E. Katerelos, Michel Perreault, Claude Bélanger, André Marchand, John Pecknold 241-260
What’s stopping you? The contribution of gender essentialism to sex differences in subject choice PDF
Japinder Dhesi 261-278
Improvement of working memory performance by training is not transferable PDF
Lucie Corbin, Valérie Camos 279-294
How does pupils´ emotional coping develop within learning situations during primary school years? PDF
Eeva-Liisa Peltokorpi, Kaarina Määttä 295-322
Memory for emotional events: The accuracy of central and peripheral details PDF
Tiziana Lanciano, Antonietta Curci 323-336
Evaluating Sorensen´s Therapy for Instability in Mood (STIM) in the case of bipolar disorder PDF
Maria J. Gutierrez, John Sorensen, Emily Tomlinson 337-358

Theoretical Contributions

Understanding and treatment of diffuse aches and pains of patients from tradition-bound cultures PDF
Jan Ilhan Kizilhan 359-373

Literature Reviews

Women´s body image and the role of culture: A review of the literature PDF
Savita Bakhshi 374-394

Book Reviews

Happiness, growth, and the life cycle PDF
Vlad Glăveanu 395-398
Language and Cognition in Bilinguals and Multilinguals PDF
Natalia Kucirkova 399-401

Global PsyPulse

International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology PDF
BPS Division of Clinical Psychology Annual Conference PDF