Vol 7, No 3 (2011)


Table of Contents


Why the world needs heroes PDF
Philip Zimbardo 402-407


On culture and human development: Interview with Barbara Rogoff PDF
Vlad Glăveanu 408-418

Research Reports

Personal and situational values predict ethical reasoning PDF
Micha Strack, Carsten Gennerich 419-442
In search for objective measures of hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention in adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder using the Quantified Behavior Test Plus PDF
Hanna Edebol, Lars Helldin, Ebba Holmberg, Stig-Arne Gustafsson, Torsten Norlander 443-457
'I think a fair girl would have better marriage prospects than a dark one': British Indian adults´ perceptions of physical appearance ideals PDF
Savita Bakhshi, Anna Baker 458-486
Effects of manipulating optimal challenge in a music intervention program on situational intrinsic motivation among people with intellectual disability PDF
Amanallah Soltani, Samsilah Roslan, Maria Chong Abdullah, Chang Cheong Jan 487-501
Psychotherapy of ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel – A qualitative assessment of conflicts and reconciliations PDF
Esther Hess, Horia Pitariu 502-533
Role of arousal states in susceptibility to accept misinformation PDF
Ari Sudan Tiwari 534-549
Health Psychology’s role in sexual health care PDF
Jude Hancock, Susan Lees, Katherine E. Brown 550-564

Book Reviews

Hope for Humanity PDF
Cherie Armour 565-568

Global PsyPulse

30th International Congress of Psychology – ICP 2012 PDF
Solidarity, Memory and Identity: Interdisciplinary Conference PDF
Moscow International Congress dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Alexander Romanovich Luria’s birth PDF