Vol 6, No 2 (2010)


Table of Contents


The Message of the Medium: Distributing academic knowledge in the Digital Age PDF
Alex Gillespie 1-6


In memoriam Prof. Dr. Horia D. Pitariu PDF
Dragos Iliescu 7-10

Research Reports

Personality as moderator of the relationship between communication and couple stability PDF
Ariane Lazaridès, Claude Bélanger, Stéphane Sabourin 11-31
Organizational commitment in Spanish and Italian volunteers: A comparative study PDF
María Celeste Dávila, Juan Francisco Díaz-Morales, Marianna Pasquini, Marco Giannini 32-46
Retirement context and psychological factors as predictors of well-being among retired teachers PDF
Samuel O. Salami 47-64
Why do some people ruminate more or less than others? The role of Emotional Intelligence ability PDF
Tiziana Lanciano, Antonietta Curci, Edvige Zatton 65-84
Dimensions of students’ psychosocial well-being and their measurement: Validation of a students’ Psychosocial Well Being Inventory PDF
Valeria Negovan 85-104
Cross-cultural study: Risk factors for dietary restraint in Mexican and German men PDF
Gilda Gomez Peresmitre, Bukard Jaeger, Gisela Pineda Garcia, Silvia Platas Acevedo 105-122

Theoretical Contributions

Counselling psychology and disability PDF
Pavlo Kanellakis 123-149
Applying decision making theory to clinical judgements in violence risk assessment PDF
Jennifer Murray, Mary E. Thomson 150-171

Book Reviews

Sex, Sexuality and Therapeutic Practice: A Manual for Therapists and Trainers PDF
Vlad Glăveanu 172-174
A New Species of Trouble: Explorations in Disaster, Trauma and Community PDF
Maximiliano E. Korstanje 175-179

Global PsyPulse

The 33rd Annual International Conference on the Psychology of the Self PDF
1st Global Conference: The Value of Work PDF
3rd International Conference Children And Youth In Changing Societies PDF
International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology PDF