Vol 6, No 3 (2010)


Table of Contents


Introductory Comments: Special Issue of EJOP (August 2010) on Humor Research in Personality and Social Psychology PDF
Nicholas A. Kuiper 1-8

Research Reports

A Behavioral Genetic Study of Relationships Between Humor Styles And The Six HEXACO Personality Factors PDF
Livia Veselka, Julie A. Schermer, Rod A. Martin, Lynn F. Cherkas, Tim D. Spector, Philip A. Vernon 9-33
The Relation Between Humor Styles and Empathy PDF
William P. Hampes 34-45
Is It You or Is It Me? Contrasting Effects of Ridicule Targeting Other People Versus the Self PDF
Leslie M. Janes, James M. Olson 46-70
Perceived Parental Warmth and Rejection in Childhood as Predictors of Humor Styles and Subjective Happiness PDF
Shahe S. Kazarian, Lamia Moghnie, Rod A. Martin 71-93
Bad Humor, Bad Marriage: Humor Styles in Divorced and Married Couples PDF
Vassilis Saroglou, Christelle Lacour, Marie-Eve Demeure 94-121
Does Humor Benefit Health In Retirement? Exploring Humor as a Moderator PDF
Gillian P. Freeman, W. Larry Ventis 122-148
The Impact of Humor in North American versus Middle East Cultures PDF
Nicholas A. Kuiper, Shahe S. Kazarian, Jessica Sine, Margaret Bassil 149-173
Humor Creation Ability and Mental Health: Are Funny People more Psychologically Healthy? PDF
Kim R. Edwards, Rod A. Martin 196-212
Humor Styles, Positive Personality and Health PDF
Arnie Cann, Kelly Stilwell, Kanako Taku 213-235
Reactions to Humorous Comments and Implicit Theories of Humor Styles PDF
Nicholas A. Kuiper, Gillian A. Kirsh, Catherine Leite 236-266
Searching for the Sense of Humor: Stereotypes of Ourselves and Others PDF
Bernard C. Beins, Shawn M. O’Toole 267-287

Theoretical Contributions

A Framework for Thinking about the (not-so-funny) Effects of Sexist Humor PDF
Julie A. Woodzicka, Thomas E. Ford 174-195
The Sense of Humor Questionnaire: Conceptualization and Review of 40 Years of Findings in Empirical Research PDF
Sven Svebak 288-310