Vol 6, No 4 (2010)


Table of Contents


Etic and emic in contemporary psychological ethics PDF
Michael J. Stevens 1-7


The intrinsic diversity of creativity research: Interview with Prof. Todd Lubart PDF
Vlad Glăveanu 8-14

Research Reports

Availability and use of weapons in the neighbourhood as risk factors for criminal offending among prison inmates in Nigeria PDF
Abeeb Olufemi Salaam 15-31
Posttraumatic stress among Palestinian adolescents in the Gaza Strip: An analysis of event-related and demographic factors PDF
Ibrahim Abu Nada, Smadar Celestin-Westreich, Wim Van den Broeck, Leon-Patrice Celestin 32-55
Subjective stress in female elite athletes and non-athletes: Evidence from cortisol analyses PDF
Martin Verner, Achim Conzelmann, Katrin Lehnert, Roland Seiler, Annina Wassmer, Thomas Rammsayer 56-70
Career plateauing and work attitudes: Moderating effects of mentoring others with Nigerian employees PDF
Samuel O. Salami 71-92
Assessing movement imagery ability: Self-report questionnaires vs. performance-based tests PDF
David Moreau, Jérôme Clerc, Annie Mansy-Dannay, Alain Guerrien 93-109
Multitasking in work-related situations and its relevance for occupational health and safety: Effects on performance, subjective strain and physiological parameters PDF
Hiltraut M. Paridon, Marlen Kaufmann 110-124
The role of perfectionism in psychological health: A study of adolescents in Pakistan PDF
Farva Mansoor Butt 125-147
An experimental study of the psychological impact of a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program on highly sensitive persons PDF
Ilse Soons, André Brouwers, Welko Tomic 148-169
Women’s subjective experiences of food and eating on the island of the ‘Mediterranean diet’ PDF
Sofia Triliva 170-191
Gender differences in Polish citizen’s attitudes towards immigration to the UK PDF
Anna Kuwik, Bahman Baluch 192-208

Theoretical Contributions

Massive modularity? The relationship between context-relevance, information encapsulation and functional specialization PDF
George Varvatsoulias 209-226

Literature Reviews

Guided imagery as a psychotherapeutic mind-body intervention in health psychology: A brief review of efficacy research PDF
Öykü Özü 227-237

Book Reviews

Clinical Case Formulation: Varieties of Approaches PDF
Beatrice Popescu 238-240

Global PsyPulse

The 12th European Congress of Psychology PDF
The 15th European Conference on Developmental Psychology PDF