Vol 1, No 2 (2005)


Table of Contents


Between East and West HTML
EJOP Editors
Occupational Psychology Facing Globalisation HTML
Mark Taylor


Interview with Cary L. Cooper HTML
Alexandra Ilie, Beatrice Popescu
Interview with Yvonne Bates HTML
Beatrice Popescu, Andreea Enache

Research Reports

Multi-Rater or 360-degree Emotional Intelligence Assessment HTML
Benjamin R. Palmer, Con Stough
A Tri-modal Risk Attitude Indicator for Aviation Personnel: Design and Diagnostic Validity HTML
Marian Popa, Cezarina Rotaru, Ioana Oprescu

Theoretical Contributions

How Humor Heals: An Anatomical Perspective HTML
Arthur Asa Berger
European Identity: A Threat to the Nation? HTML
Michael J. Wintle
The Process Of Dreaming, Communication And A Bit Of Psycho-Analysis (Part 1) HTML
Adela Toplean