Vol 8, No 2 (2012)


Table of Contents


Introductory Comments: Special Issue of EJOP (May 2012) on Memory PDF
Rhian Worth 206-208
Updating Ebbinghaus on the Science of Memory PDF
Eryn J. Newman, Elizabeth F. Loftus 209-216


Music to Our Ears: Interview with Victoria Williamson PDF
Rhian Worth, Victoria Williamson 217-221
Brain Observatory and the Continuing Study of H.M.: Interview with Jacopo Annese PDF
Rhian Worth, Jacopo Annese 222-230

Research Reports

Facial Memory: The Role of the Pre-Existing Knowledge in Face Processing and Recognition PDF
Alejandro J. Estudillo 231-244
Making up History: False Memories of Fake News Stories PDF
Danielle C. Polage 245-250
Manufacture and Validation of New Negative Priming Measurement for Studying Individual Differences in Working Memory PDF
Farideh Hamidi, Nasim Noorafkan Roohi 251-262
The Impact of Mathematics Anxiety on Primary School Children’s Working Memory PDF
Marcus Witt 263-274
Unconscious Plagiarism in Recall: Attribution to the Self, but not for Self-Relevant Reasons PDF
Timothy J. Perfect, Louisa-Jayne Stark 275-283
The Effects of Eye-Closure and “Ear-Closure” on Recall of Visual and Auditory Aspects of a Criminal Event PDF
Annelies Vredeveldt, Alan D. Baddeley, Graham J. Hitch 284-299

Theoretical Contributions

Memory, History and Narrative: Shifts of Meaning when (Re)constructing the Past PDF
Ignacio Brescó de Luna, Alberto Rosa Rivero 300-310

Book Reviews

The Psychology of Eyewitness Identification: Essays in Cognitive Psychology PDF
Rhian Worth 311-314