Vol 8, No 3 (2012)


Table of Contents


Psychology’s Recovery of its Proper Projects and Methods PDF
Rom Harré 315-320


On Social and Organisational Psychology: Interview with Alex Haslam PDF
Vlad Glăveanu, Alex Haslam 321-326

Research Reports

Evaluation of the Psychometric Properties of the Internet Addiction Test (IAT) in a Sample of Cypriot High School Students: The Rasch Measurement Perspective PDF
Panayiotis Panayides, Miranda Jane Walker 327-351
Changes in Disease Perception, Coping Strategies and Diagnoses in the Case of First and Fourth Generations of Turkish Migrants in Germany PDF
Jan Ilhan Kizilhan 352-362
Attachment Style and Rejection Sensitivity: The Mediating Effect of Self-Esteem and Worry Among Iranian College Students PDF
Samira Khoshkam, Fatemeh Bahrami, S. Ahmad Ahmadi, Maryam Fatehizade, Ozra Etemadi 363-374
Treatment of Dyslexia in a Regular Orthography: Efficacy and Efficiency (Cost-Effectiveness) Comparison Between Home vs Clinic-Based Treatments PDF
Patrizio E. Tressoldi, Francesca Brembati, Roberta Donini, Roberto Iozzino, Claudio Vio 375-390
"Fuelling" Cognitive Judgments: Worry as a Mediator Between Risk Perceptions and Intentions to Quit Smoking PDF
Velibor Bobo Kovac, Jostein Rise 391-401
Predictors of Social and Educational Mobility in Mexican Recipients of a Governmental Welfare Program: A Psychosocial Approach PDF
Joaquina Palomar-Lever, Amparo Victorio-Estrada 402-422
Cross-Sequential Results on Creativity Development in Childhood Within two Different School Systems: Divergent Performances in Luxembourg Versus German Kindergarten and Elementary School Students PDF
Günter Krampen 423-448
Behavioral Correlates of Coping Strategies in Close Relationships PDF
Claude Bélanger, Stéphane Sabourin, Ghassan El-Baalbaki 449-460
Emotional Status, Perceived Control of Pain, and Pain Coping Strategies in Episodic and Chronic Cluster Headache PDF
Dominique Valade, Frédéric Fontenelle, Caroline Roos, Céline Rousseau-Salvador, Anne Ducros, Stéphane Rusinek 461-474

Theoretical Contributions

Humor and Resiliency: Towards a Process Model of Coping and Growth PDF
Nicholas A. Kuiper 475-491
Affective Reactions to Difference and their Impact on Discrimination and Self-Disclosure at Work: A Social Identity Perspective PDF
Maria Kakarika 492-506

Book Reviews

Extraordinary Memories for Exceptional Events: Essays in Cognitive Psychology PDF
Victoria Wright 507-510

Global PsyPulse

Conference Announcements PDF