Vol 9, No 3 (2013)


Table of Contents


Troubling Methods in Qualitative Inquiry and Beyond PDF HTML
Lene Tanggaard 409-418


Café Philosophique with Lou Marinoff PDF HTML
Lou Marinoff, Beatrice Popescu 419-426

Research Reports

Predictors of Marital Adjustment: Are There Any Differences Between Women and Men? PDF HTML
Antoaneta Andreea Muraru, Maria Nicoleta Turliuc 427-442
Cultural Models Shaping Stalking From a Content Analysis of Italian Newspapers PDF HTML
Andrea Caputo 443-460
Italian Adaptation of the "Autonomy and Relatedness Coding System" PDF HTML
Sonia Ingoglia, Maria Grazia Lo Cricchio 461-478
Automatic Influences of Priming on Prosocial Behavior PDF HTML
Costanza Scaffidi Abbate, Stefano Ruggieri, Stefano Boca 479-492
Evaluating the Psychometric Properties of the Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale for Cypriot Senior High School EFL Students: The Rasch Measurement Approach PDF HTML
Panayiotis Panayides, Miranda Jane Walker 493-516
Sexual Compulsivity Comorbidity With Depression, Anxiety, and Substance Use in Students From Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina PDF HTML
Dzanan Berberovic 517-530
Emotional Expressions in Grandparent-Infant Grandchild Interaction in the Course of the First Year of Life PDF HTML
Anastasia Pratikaki, Theano Kokkinaki 531-551
Migration Status, Familial Risk for Mental Disorder, and Schizotypal Personality Traits PDF HTML
Odin van der Stelt, Dounia Boubakri, Max Feltzer 552-571
Investigating the Predictive Role of Social Self-Efficacy on Authenticity in Turkish University Students PDF HTML
Seydi Ahmet Satici, Ahmet Rifat Kayis, Ahmet Akin 572-580
The Double Edge Sword of “High Potential” Expectations PDF HTML
Igor Kotlyar 581-596
Perception and Expression of Emotional Suffering in Cancer Patients: The Role of Somatic Depressive Symptoms PDF HTML
Luca Binaschi, Lorys Castelli, Antonella Varetto, Paolo Leombruni, Riccardo Torta 597-606
Are Differences Between Men and Women in Rotated Pattern Recognition Due to the Use of Different Cognitive Strategies? PDF HTML
Catherine Brandner, Cédric Devaud 607-622
Intention to Remain at Work Until Legal Retirement Age: A Comparative Analysis Among Different Age Subgroups of Employees PDF HTML
Catherine Hellemans, Caroline Closon 623-639

Book Reviews

The Inner Philosopher: Conversations on Philosophy's Transformative Power PDF HTML
Beatrice Popescu 640-642

Corrected Versions of Articles

A Meta-Study of Qualitative Research Into the Experience of ‘Symptoms’ and ‘Having a Diagnosis’ for People Who Have Been Given a Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder PDF HTML
Leo Russell, Duncan Moss 643-663

Global PsyPulse

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