Vol 10, No 1 (2014)


Table of Contents


A Call for More Research on the Relationship Between Intelligence and Job Performance: Non-Task Performance, Non-Euro-American Contexts, and the Science-Practice Gap PDF HTML
In-Sue Oh 1-6
Acknowledgement of Reviewers, 2013 PDF HTML
Vlad Glăveanu 7-8


Democratic Dialogic Education For and From Authorial Agency PDF HTML
Eugene Matusov, Ana Marjanovic-Shane 9-26

Research Reports

Social Dominance Orientation, Right-Wing Authoritarianism, and Willingness to Help Addicted Individuals: The Role of Responsibility Judgments PDF HTML
Torleif Halkjelsvik, Jostein Rise 27–40
An Integrated Framework Involving Enactive Learning Experiences, Mastery Goals, and Academic Engagement-Disengagement PDF HTML
Huy P. Phan 41–66
The Relationship Between Physical Health and Meaning in Life Among Parents of Special Needs Children PDF HTML
Janna Bekenkamp, Hinke Anita Klasina Groothof, Wim Bloemers, Welko Tomic 67–78
Italian Family Business Cultures Involved in the Generational Change PDF HTML
Ruggero Ruggieri, Maura Pozzi, Silvio Ripamonti 79–103
Exploring the Relationship Between Honesty-Humility, the Big Five, and Liberal Values in Swedish Students PDF HTML
Petri J. Kajonius, Anna M. Dåderman 104–117
Dyadic Empathy, Dyadic Coping, and Relationship Satisfaction: A Dyadic Model PDF HTML
Christine Levesque, Marie-France Lafontaine, Angela Caron, Jamie Lyn Flesch, Sophie Bjornson 118–134
Mental Models for the Negation of Conjunctions and Disjunctions PDF HTML
Guillermo Macbeth, Eugenia Razumiejczyk, María del Carmen Crivello, Claudia Bolzán, Carolina Iris Pereyra Girardi, Guillermo Campitelli 135–149
Gender Differences in the Effects of Perception of Organizational Injustice on Workplace Reactivity PDF HTML
Bolanle Ogungbamila, I. Bola Udegbe 150–167

Theoretical Contributions

A Review and Critique of Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder Etiologies PDF HTML
Steven Charles Hertler 168–184

Literature Reviews

Psychophysiological Research of Borderline Personality Disorder: Review and Implications for Biosocial Theory PDF HTML
Tara Cavazzi, Rodrigo Becerra 185–203

Book Reviews

Visual Experience: Sensation, Cognition and Constancy PDF HTML
Farid Pazhoohi 204–207