Vol 10, No 3 (2014)


Special Issue on "Humor, Well-Being and Health" (guest-edited by Nick Kuiper)

Table of Contents


Investigating the Role of Humor in Psychological Health and Well-Being PDF HTML
Nicholas A. Kuiper 408-411


Research on the Role of Humor in Well-Being and Health PDF HTML
Arnie Cann, Nicholas A. Kuiper 412-428

Research Reports

The Humor Styles Questionnaire in Italy: Psychometric Properties and Relationships With Psychological Well-Being PDF HTML
Saulo Sirigatti, Ilaria Penzo, Enrichetta Giannetti, Cristina Stefanile 429-450
Affective Style, Humor Styles and Happiness PDF HTML
Thomas E. Ford, Katelyn A. McCreight, Kyle Richardson 451-463
Sense of Humor, Stable Affect, and Psychological Well-Being PDF HTML
Arnie Cann, Chantal Collette 464-479
Humor Style and Motor Skills: Understanding Vulnerability to Bullying PDF HTML
Stephanie Plenty, Susanne Bejerot, Kimmo Eriksson 480-491
Rumination, Suicidal Ideation, and the Mediating Effect of Self-Defeating Humor PDF HTML
Raymond P. Tucker, LaRicka R. Wingate, Meredith L. Slish, Victoria M. O’Keefe, Ashley B. Cole, David W. Hollingsworth 492-504
The Conceptualization, Measurement, and Role of Humor as a Character Strength in Positive Psychology PDF HTML
Kim R. Edwards, Rod A. Martin 505-519
No Occasion for Pleasure: The Self-Worth Contingency of a Setback and Coping With Humor PDF HTML
Fay Caroline Mary Geisler, Vera Loureiro de Assunção 520-531
Humour Use Between Spouses and Positive and Negative Interpersonal Behaviours During Conflict PDF HTML
Lorne Campbell, Sarah Moroz 532-542
Humor Styles and the Intolerance of Uncertainty Model of Generalized Anxiety PDF HTML
Nicholas A. Kuiper, Dana Klein, Jaclyn Vertes, Nadia Brittany Maiolino 543-556
Integrating Humor and Positive Psychology Approaches to Psychological Well-Being PDF HTML
Nadia Brittany Maiolino, Nicholas A. Kuiper 557-570
Humorous Coping and Serious Reappraisal: Short-Term and Longer-Term Effects PDF HTML
Andrea C. Samson, Alana L. Glassco, Ihno A. Lee, James J. Gross 571-581

Book Reviews

What Are You Laughing at? A Comprehensive Guide to the Comedic Event PDF HTML
Rod A. Martin 582-585