Vol 11, No 2 (2015)


Table of Contents


Material Culture: Still ‘Terra Incognita’ for Psychology Today? PDF HTML
Christiane Moro 172-176


On the Future of the Humanities: Interview With Professor Mircea Flonta, Epistemologist and Philosopher of Science PDF HTML
Mircea Flonta, Beatrice Popescu, Andrei Simionescu-Panait 177-182

Research Reports

Facial Expressions and Ability to Recognize Emotions From Eyes or Mouth in Children PDF HTML
Maria Guarnera, Zira Hichy, Maura I. Cascio, Stefano Carrubba 183-196
Authority Relationship From a Societal Perspective: Social Representations of Obedience and Disobedience in Austrian Young Adults PDF HTML
Francesco Fattori, Simone Curly, Amrei C. Jörchel, Maura Pozzi, Dominik Mihalits, Sara Alfieri 197-213
Emotional Distress Following Childbirth: An Intervention to Buffer Depressive and PTSD Symptoms PDF HTML
Paola Di Blasio, Sarah Miragoli, Elena Camisasca, Angela Maria Di Vita, Rosalia Pizzo, Laura Pipitone 214-232
Autonomy and Submissiveness as Cognitive and Cultural Factors Influencing Eating Disorders in Italy and Sweden: An Exploratory Study PDF HTML
Sandra Sassaroli, Guido Veronese, Lauri Nevonen, Francesca Fiore, Franceso Centorame, Ettore Favaretto, Giovanni Maria Ruggiero 233-243
Adolescent Perceptions of Parenting Styles in Sweden, Italy and Greece: An Exploratory Study PDF HTML
Maria Giulia Olivari, Elisabeth Hertfelt Wahn, Katerina Maridaki-Kassotaki, Katerina Antonopoulou, Emanuela Confalonieri 244-258
Integrating Turkish Work and Achievement Goals With Schwartz’s Human Values PDF HTML
Suna Tevrüz, Tülay Turgut, Murat Çinko 259-279
Coping Strategies of Southern Italian Women Predict Distress Following Breast Cancer Surgery PDF HTML
Rossana De Feudis, Tiziana Lanciano, Stefano Rinaldi 280-294
The Situational Version of the Brief COPE: Dimensionality and Relationships With Goal-Related Variables PDF HTML
Dario Monzani, Patrizia Steca, Andrea Greco, Marco D’Addario, Erika Cappelletti, Luca Pancani 295-310
Young Italian NEETs (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) and the Influence of Their Family Background PDF HTML
Sara Alfieri, Emiliano Sironi, Elena Marta, Alessandro Rosina, Daniela Marzana 311-322
The Relationship Between Gratitude and Loneliness: The Potential Benefits of Gratitude for Promoting Social Bonds PDF HTML
Andrea Caputo 323-334
Disadvantageous Deck Selection in the Iowa Gambling Task: The Effect of Cognitive Load PDF HTML
Melissa J. Hawthorne, Benton H. Pierce 335-348
Pressing Obligations or Inspiring Potentials? The Influence of the Ought vs. Expected Selves on Task Performance PDF HTML
Waclaw Bak, Slawomir Ciastek, Malgorzata Michalczuk 349-362

Book Reviews

(No) Empathy for the Monkey? Book Review of “The Cultural Origins of Human Cognition” PDF HTML
Constance de Saint-Laurent 363-368