Vol 11, No 3 (2015)


Table of Contents


The Ideology of Creativity and Challenges of Participation PDF HTML
Michael Hanchett Hanson 369-378


Sour Fruits on the Trail: Renewing Phenomenological Practice PDF HTML
Roberta De Monticelli, Andrei Simionescu-Panait 379-394

Research Reports

Romantic Relationship Length and its Perceived Quality: Mediating Role of Facebook-Related Conflict PDF HTML
H. M. Saidur Rahaman 395-405
How Positivity Links With Job Satisfaction: Preliminary Findings on the Mediating Role of Work-Life Balance PDF HTML
Hod Orkibi, Yaron Ilan Brandt 406-418
Examining Method Effect of Synonym and Antonym Test in Verbal Abilities Measure PDF HTML
Wahyu Widhiarso, - Haryanta 419-431
The Relation of Marital Adjustment and Family Functions With Quality of Life in Women PDF HTML
Sajjad Basharpoor, Ali Sheykholeslami 432-441
Training at the Gym, Training for Life: Creating Better Versions of the Self Through Exercise PDF HTML
Ceren Doğan 442-458
Psychobiography Training in Psychology in North America: Mapping the Field and Charting a Course PDF HTML
Joseph G. Ponterotto, Jason D. Reynolds, Samantha Morel, Linda Cheung 459-475
Educating to Tolerance: Effects of Communicating Social Psychology Research Findings PDF HTML
Francesco La Barbera 476-483
Why Machiavellianism Matters in Childhood: The Relationship Between Children's Machiavellian Traits and Their Peer Interactions in a Natural Setting PDF HTML
Loren Abell, Pamela Qualter, Gayle Brewer, Alexandra Barlow, Maria Stylianou, Peter Henzi, Louise Barrett 484-493

Theoretical Contributions

Mindful Sustainable Aging: Advancing a Comprehensive Approach to the Challenges and Opportunities of Old Age PDF HTML
Håkan Nilsson, Pia H. Bülow, Ali Kazemi 494-508
Moral Dilemmas and Existential Issues Encountered Both in Psychotherapy and Philosophical Counseling Practices PDF HTML
Beatrice A. Popescu 509-521

Literature Reviews

Historical Techniques of Lie Detection PDF HTML
Martina Vicianova 522-534
Improving Patient Outcomes: Effectively Training Healthcare Staff in Psychological Practice Skills: A Mixed Systematic Literature Review PDF HTML
Katherine Garzonis, Eryn Mann, Aleksandra Wyrzykowska, Pavlo Kanellakis 535-556