Vol 11, No 4 (2015)


Table of Contents


Political Imagination, Otherness and the European Crisis PDF HTML
Vlad Petre Glăveanu, Constance de Saint Laurent 557-564


Being Irrationally Funny as a Cognitive Psychologist PDF HTML
Dan Ariely, Beatrice Popescu 565-570

Research Reports

Iconographic Professional Interests Inventory (3IP): A New Validation Study PDF HTML
Diego Boerchi, Paola Magnano 571-596
Paradoxical Personality and Academic Achievement in College Students From Buenos Aires PDF HTML
Agustín Freiberg Hoffmann, María Mercedes Fernández Liporace 597-618
The Detrimental Effect of Machiavellian Leadership on Employees’ Emotional Exhaustion: Organizational Cynicism as a Mediator PDF HTML
Panagiotis Gkorezis, Eugenia Petridou, Theodora Krouklidou 619-631
A Cross-Sectional Survey Study About the Most Common Solitary and Social Flow Activities to Extend the Concept of Optimal Experience PDF HTML
Tímea Magyaródi, Attila Oláh 632-650
Linguistic Markers of Processing Trauma Experience in Women’s Written Narratives During Different Breast Cancer Phases: Implications for Clinical Interventions PDF HTML
Maria Luisa Martino, Raffaella Onorato, Maria Francesca Freda 651-663
Sibling Relation, Ethnic Prejudice, Direct and Indirect Contact: There is a Connection? PDF HTML
Sara Alfieri, Elena Marta 664-676
The Effects of Attractiveness and Status on Personality Evaluation PDF HTML
Stefano Tartaglia, Chiara Rollero 677-690
What Do Physicians Believe About the Way Decisions Are Made? A Pilot Study on Metacognitive Knowledge in the Medical Context PDF HTML
Paola Iannello, Valeria Perucca, Silvia Riva, Alessandro Antonietti, Gabriella Pravettoni 691-706
Emotional, Cognitive and Self-Enhancement Processes in Aggressive Behavior After Interpersonal Rejection and Exclusion PDF HTML
Joanna Rajchert 707-721
Better Movers and Thinkers (BMT): An Exploratory Study of an Innovative Approach to Physical Education PDF HTML
Andrew Dalziell, James Boyle, Nanette Mutrie 722-741

Book Reviews

Theory of Mind: Overcoming the Dichotomy Between Culture and Nature PDF HTML
Ruggero Andrisano Ruggieri 742-745