Vol 12, No 1 (2016)


Table of Contents


Living Creatively, In and Through Institutions PDF HTML
Tania Zittoun 1-11
Acknowledgement of Reviewers, 2015 PDF HTML
Vlad Glăveanu 12-13


Narrative Inquiry: An Interview With Michael Bamberg PDF HTML
Michael Bamberg, Carolin Demuth 14-28

Research Reports

Validation of a Newly Developed Instrument Establishing Links Between Motivation and Academic Hardiness PDF HTML
Spiridon Kamtsios, Evangelia Karagiannopoulou 29-48
Neuroticism as a Moderator of Direct and Mediated Relationships Between Introversion-Extraversion and Well-Being PDF HTML
Daniela Fadda, L. Francesca Scalas 49-67
You Are the Real Terrorist and We Are Just Your Puppet: Using Individual and Group Factors to Explain Indonesian Muslims’ Attributions of Causes of Terrorism PDF HTML
Ali Mashuri, Lusy Asa Akhrani, Esti Zaduqisti 68-98
I and My Friends are Good People: The Perception of Incivility by Self, Friends and Strangers PDF HTML
Ursula Hess, Michel Cossette, Shlomo Hareli 99-114
More Than Defense in Daily Experience of Privacy: The Functions of Privacy in Digital and Physical Environments PDF HTML
Debora Benedetta Lombardi, Maria Rita Ciceri 115-136
A Darker Shade of Love: Machiavellianism and Positive Assortative Mating Based on Romantic Ideals PDF HTML
Tamás Ináncsi, András Láng, Tamás Bereczkei 137-152
Are There Similar or Divergent Transitions to Adulthood in a Mediterranean Context? A Cross-National Comparison of Italy and Spain PDF HTML
Ugo Pace, Marco Cacioppo, Valentina Lo Cascio, Giovanni Guzzo, Alessia Passanisi 153-168
Motivational and Ideological Underpinnings of Welfare Preferences in Eastern and Western Europe PDF HTML
Márton Hadarics 169-190
Gender Variations in the Effects of Number of Organizational Memberships, Number of Social Networking Sites, and Grade-Point Average on Global Social Responsibility in Filipino University Students PDF HTML
Romeo B. Lee, Rito V. Baring, Madelene A. Sta. Maria 191-202