Vol 12, No 2 (2016)


Table of Contents


Europe’s New Identity: The Refugee Crisis and the Rise of Nationalism PDF HTML
Claudia Postelnicescu 203-209

Research Reports

Scoring Divergent Thinking Tests by Computer With a Semantics-Based Algorithm PDF HTML
Kenes Beketayev, Mark A. Runco 210-220
How Internal Political Efficacy Translates Political Knowledge Into Political Participation PDF HTML
Frank Reichert 221-241
Knitting Mochilas: A Sociocultural, Developmental Practice in Arhuaco Indigenous Communities PDF HTML
Lilian Patricia Rodríguez-Burgos, Jennifer Rodríguez-Castro, Sandra Milena Bojacá-Rodríguez, Dwrya Elena Izquierdo-Martínez, Allain Alexander Amórtegui-Lozano, Miguel Angel Prieto-Castellanos 242-259
Empathy, Guilt Proneness, and Gender: Relative Contributions to Prosocial Behaviour PDF HTML
Linda Torstveit, Stefan Sütterlin, Ricardo Gregorio Lugo 260-270
North/South Differences Among Italian Emerging Adults Regarding Criteria Deemed Important for Adulthood and Life Satisfaction PDF HTML
Giovanni Piumatti, Maria Garro, Laura Pipitone, Angela Maria Di Vita, Emanuela Rabaglietti 271-287
Five Dimensions of European Identity: A Contribution to the Italian Adaptation and Validation of the In-Group Identification Scale PDF HTML
Francesco La Barbera, Vincenza Capone 288-303


On the Emergence of Mental Space in Psychology: Interview With Lucas Albert Charles Derks PDF HTML
Lucas Albert Charles Derks, Alexandru Ioan Manea 304-308

Book Reviews

Psychiatry (3rd ed.) by Neel Burton, MD PDF HTML
Beatrice Popescu 309-311