Vol 12, No 4 (2016)


Table of Contents


From the Collective Unconscious to the Narrative Unconscious: Re-Imagining the Sources of Selfhood PDF HTML
Mark Freeman 513-522

Research Reports

General and Domain-Specific Contributions to Creative Ideation and Creative Performance PDF HTML
Donggun An, Mark A. Runco 523-532
If Stigmatized, Self-Esteem Is not Enough: Effects of Sexism, Self-Esteem and Social Identity on Leadership Aspiration PDF HTML
Angela Fedi, Chiara Rollero 533-549
Fifty Shades of Unsaid: Women’s Explicit and Implicit Attitudes Towards Sexual Morality PDF HTML
Tiziana Lanciano, Emanuela Soleti, Francesca Guglielmi, Ivan Mangiulli, Antonietta Curci 550-566
The Relationship Between Accuracy of Numerical Magnitude Comparisons and Children’s Arithmetic Ability: A Study in Iranian Primary School Children PDF HTML
Hamdollah Manzari Tavakoli 567-583
With a Little Help From My Family: A Mixed-Method Study on the Outcomes of Family Support and Workload PDF HTML
Alessandro Lo Presti, Fulvia D’Aloisio, Sara Pluviano 584-603
Mothers and Fathers in NICU: The Impact of Preterm Birth on Parental Distress PDF HTML
Chiara Ionio, Caterina Colombo, Valeria Brazzoduro, Eleonora Mascheroni, Emanuela Confalonieri, Francesca Castoldi, Gianluca Lista 604-621
Meaning-Making Process Related to Temporality During Breast Cancer Traumatic Experience: The Clinical Use of Narrative to Promote a New Continuity of Life PDF HTML
Maria Luisa Martino, Maria Francesca Freda 622-634
Effects of Religious Priming Concepts on Prosocial Behavior Towards Ingroup and Outgroup PDF HTML
Jame Bryan L. Batara, Pamela S. Franco, Mequia Angelo M. Quiachon, Dianelle Rose M. Sembrero 635-644
Measuring the Effects of Self-Awareness: Construction of the Self-Awareness Outcomes Questionnaire PDF HTML
Anna Sutton 645-658

Literature Reviews

The Relationship Between Neurocognitive Functioning and Occupational Functioning in Bipolar Disorder: A Literature Review PDF HTML
Walace Duarte, Rodrigo Becerra, Kate Cruise 659-678


Cognition About the Creative Process – Interview With Dr Andrew P. Allen PDF HTML
Andrew P. Allen, Lynda Loughnane 679-686

Book Reviews

Working With Underachieving Students in Higher Education: Fostering Inclusion Through Narration and Reflexivity PDF HTML
Laura Nota 687-691