Vol 13, No 2 (2017)


Table of Contents


From the Sylvia Plath Effect to Social Justice: Moving Forward With Creativity PDF HTML
James C. Kaufman 173-177

Research Reports

A Cognitive Distortions and Deficits Model of Suicide Ideation PDF HTML
Laura L. Fazakas-DeHoog, Katerina Rnic, David J. A. Dozois 178-193
Value-Personality Link Measured With Novel Instruments Developed With an Emic Perspective PDF HTML
Suna Tevrüz, Tülay Turgut, Murat Çinko 194-213
Do Work Beliefs Moderate the Relationship Between Work Interruptions, Wellbeing and Psychosomatic Symptoms? PDF HTML
Zoi(e) Zoupanou, Leif W. Rydstedt 214-230
Relationships Between Career Indecision, Search for Work Self-Efficacy, and Psychological Well-Being in Italian Never-Employed Young Adults PDF HTML
Maria Maddalena Viola, Pasquale Musso, Sonia Ingoglia, Alida Lo Coco, Cristiano Inguglia 231-250
Using a Computer Simulation to Improve Psychological Readiness for Job Interviewing in Unemployed Individuals of Pre-Retirement Age PDF HTML
Rimma M. Aysina, Galina I. Efremova, Zhanna A. Maksimenko, Mikhail V. Nikiforov 251-268
Can the Factor Structure of Defense Style Questionnaire (DSQ-40) Contribute to Our Understanding of Parental Acceptance/Rejection, Bullying, Victimization and Perceived Well-Being in Greek Early Adolescents? PDF HTML
Theodoros Giovazolias, Evangelia Karagiannopoulou, Effrosyni Mitsopoulou 269-285
The Effect of Mortality Salience and Type of Life on Personality Evaluation PDF HTML
Fernando Gordillo, Lilia Mestas, José M. Arana, Miguel Ángel Pérez, Eduardo Alejandro Escotto 286-299
Vignette Research on Messy and Confusing Problems in Primary Mental Healthcare PDF HTML
E. H. (Dineke) Smit, J. J. L. (Jan) Derksen 300-313
How Does Mentoring Contribute to Gen Y Employees’ Intention to Stay? An Indian Perspective PDF HTML
Mohammad Faraz Naim, Usha Lenka 314-335
Conservation Motivation, Social Equality and Left-Right Ideological Preferences in Western and Eastern Europe PDF HTML
Márton Hadarics 336-351

Literature Reviews

The Meaning of Voices in Understanding and Treating Psychosis: Moving Towards Intervention Informed by Collaborative Formulation PDF HTML
Aoife Lonergan 352-365


Psychology’s Fragmentation and Neglect of Foundational Assumptions: An Interview With Fiona J. Hibberd PDF HTML
Fiona J. Hibberd, Davood G. Gozli 366-374