Vol 13, No 4 (2017)


Table of Contents


Organic Creativity for Well-Being in the Post-Information Society PDF HTML
Giovanni Emanuele Corazza 599-605

Research Reports

Compassionate Love for a Romantic Partner Across the Adult Life Span PDF HTML
Félix Neto, Daniela C. Wilks 606-617
The Effects of Maltreatment in Childhood on Working Memory Capacity in Adulthood PDF HTML
Arta Dodaj, Marijana Krajina, Kristina Sesar, Nataša Šimić 618-632
The Effect of Telling Lies on Belief in the Truth PDF HTML
Danielle Polage 633-644
The Effect of Schooling on Basic Cognition in Selected Nordic Countries PDF HTML
Bert Jonsson, Maria Waling, Anna S. Olafsdottir, Hanna Lagström, Hege Wergedahl, Cecilia Olsson, Eldbjørg Fossgard, Asle Holthe, Sanna Talvia, Ingibjorg Gunnarsdottir, Agneta Hörnell 645-666
Moral Foundations and Voting Intention in Italy PDF HTML
Patrizia Milesi 667-687
Muslim Immigrant Men's and Women's Attitudes Towards Intimate Partner Violence PDF HTML
Marialuisa Gennari, Cristina Giuliani, Monica Accordini 688-707
On Finding the Source of Human Energy: The Influence of Famous Quotations on Willpower PDF HTML
Jesús Alcoba, Laura López 708-716
The Influence of Planning and Response Inhibition on Cognitive Functioning of Non-Psychotic Unipolar Depressed Suicide Attempters PDF HTML
Marco Moniz, Saul Neves de Jesus, Andreia Pacheco, Eduardo Gonçalves, João Viseu, Marta Brás, Dina Silva, Sílvia Batista 717-732
Conceptual Referents, Personality Traits and Income-Happiness Relationship: An Empirical Investigation PDF HTML
Dilwar Hussain 733-748
Cross-Cultural Variation in Political Leadership Styles PDF HTML
Petia Paramova, Herbert Blumberg 749-766
The Association Between Physical Activity and Cognitive Function With Considerations by Social Risk Status PDF HTML
Emily Frith, Paul D. Loprinzi 767-775
The Sensation Seeking Scale (SSS-V) and Its Use in Latin American Adolescents: Alcohol Consumption Pattern as an External Criterion for Its Validation PDF HTML
Vanina Schmidt, María Fernanda Molina, María Julia Raimundi 776-793
Daydream Believer: Rumination, Self-Reflection and the Temporal Focus of Mind Wandering Content PDF HTML
Daisy Shrimpton, Deborah McGann, Leigh M. Riby 794-809


A Window Into the Bright Side of Psychology: Interview With Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi PDF HTML
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Izabela Lebuda 810-821