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  • Perceived Discrimination and Psychological Well-Being of Indian and Albanian Immigrants Living in Greece: The Role of Separation and Interdependence

    Evangelia V. Kateri, Evangelos C. Karademas
  • Deployment and Resilience Model applied to Military Children

    Renato Pessoa Santos
  • The Relationship Between Problematic Internet Use, WhatsApp and Personality

    Cristina Bernal-Ruiz, Ana Isabel Rosa-Alcázar
  • Integrative review of the recent literature on human resilience: From concepts, theories, and discussions towards a complex understanding

    Clément Métais, Nicolas Burel, Jane E. Gillham, Cyril Tarquinio, Charles Martin-Krumm
  • Interethnic conflict at the workplace: Reciprocal perception of Italian and Immigrant blue-collar coworkers

    Mariagrazia Monaci
  • When Dark Humor and Moral Judgment Meet in Sacrificial Dilemmas: Preliminary Evidence With Females

    Emmanuelle Brigaud, Nathalie Blanc
  • Job Characteristics, Well-Being and Physical Activity: A Field Study Using a Consumer Fitness Tracker

    Nina Raffaela Grossi, Fabiola Gattringer, Bernad Batinic
  • Learning to Wait and Be Altruistic: Testing A Conversational Training in Economic Education for Primary School Children

    Elisabetta Lombardi, Annalisa Valle, Teresa Rinaldi, Davide Massaro, Antonella Marchetti
  • Work addiction among employees and self-employed workers: an investigation through the Italian version of the Bergen Work Addiction Scale

    Monica Molino, Liliya Scafuri Kovalchuk, Chiara Ghislieri, Paola Spagnoli
  • Burnout in Italian primary teachers: the effects of trait emotional intelligence, anxiety trait and job instability

    Giacomo Mancini, Consuelo Mameli, Roberta Biolcati
  • Emotional Impact of Graphic Health Warnings on Tobacco Packaging: Analysis of Their Content

    Carlos Gantiva, Miguel Sotaquirá, Vanessa Chaparro, Laura Colorado, Alejandra Gómez
  • How can students’ entrepreneurial intention be increased? The role of Psychological Capital, perceived learning from an entrepreneurship education program, emotions and their relationships.

    Séverine Chevalier
  • Guidelines for the revision and use of revised psychological tests

    Johan Cronje, Louise, Mark
  • Age of Acquisition of personality terms: Implications for personality theory

    Eka Roivainen
  • The State-Trait Model of Cheerfulness: Tests of measurement invariance and latent mean differences in European and Chinese Canadian Students

    Chloe Lau, Francesca Chiesi, Donald Saklofske
  • The Contribution of Attachment Styles and Reassurance Seeking to Trust in Romantic Couples

    Dr. Lyndsay Evriare, David Dozois, Jesse Lee
  • Living in a world with God: An interpretative phenomenological exploration of the religious experiences of five Baptists in Britain

    James Murphy, Fergal Jones, Dennis Nigbur, Kate Gee
  • A Thematic Analysis of Students’ Perceptions and Experiences of Bullying in UK Higher Education

    Emma Harrison

    Deepa Rasquinha, Ruhee Contractor
  • The Importance of Awareness, Acceptance, and Alignment with the Self: A Framework for Understanding Self-Connection

    Kristine Klussman, Nicola Curtin, Julia Langer, Austin Lee Nichols
  • More Similarity if Different, More Difference if Similar: Assimilation, Colorblindness, Multiculturalism, Polyculturalism, and Generalized and Specific Negative Intergroup Bias

    Anastasia Batkhina, John Berry, Tomas Jurcik, Dmitrii Dubrov, Dmitry Grigoryev
  • Person- and Situation-Specific Factors in Discounting Science via Scientific Impotence Excuses

    Tom Rosman, Martin Kerwer, Anita Chasiotis, Oliver Wedderhoff
  • Autonomy and Compensations Moderate the Effects of Temporary Employment on Organisational Identification and Related Outcomes

    Florent Lheureux, Clément Parmentier
  • The psychological effects of imprisonment: The role of cognitive, psychopathic and affective traits

    Tiziana Lanciano, Lidia De Leonardis, Antonietta Curci
  • The Dark Web of Machiavellianism and Psychopathy: Moral Disengagement in IT organizations

    Alexandra Maftei
  • Making Psychology "Count": On the Mathematization of Psychology

    Simon Nuttgens
  • The Relation Between Empathy and Aggression: The Role of Attachment Style

    Maria Grazia Lo Cricchio, Pasquale Musso, Alida Lo Coco, Rosalinda Cassibba, Francesca Liga
  • Negative Memories Can Boost Positive Moods Beyond Memory Incongruence Effect

    Veronika V. Nourkova
  • Refugee Mothers Mental Health and Social Support Needs: A Systematic Review of Interventions for Refugee Mothers

    Kim Roger Abi Zeid Daou
  • Technostress, coping, and anxious/depressive symptomatology in university students during the COVID-19 pandemic

    John Galvin, Michael Evans, Kenisha Nelson, Gareth Richards, Eirini Mavritsaki, Theodoros Giovazolias, Katerina Koutra, Ben Mellor, Maria Clelia Zurlo, Federica Vallone
  • Internet Behavior and Satisfaction with Sleep, Health, Quality of Life and Physical Activity Self-Efficacy as Components of Subjective Well-Being: Findings From an Online Survey

    Endi Guza, Lingling Gao, Sonia Lippke
  • Associations of Self-esteem Profiles with Bullying-Cyberbullying and Victimization-Cybervictimization Behaviors Among Italian Adolescent Students

    Anna Lisa Palermiti, Maria Giuseppina Bartolo, Pasquale Musso, Rocco Servidio, angela costabile
  • Humor Styles are related to Loneliness across 15 Countries

    Julie Schermer, Radosław Rogoza, Marija Branković, Oscar Oviedo-Trespalacios, Tatiana Volkodav, Troung Thi Khanh Ha, Maria Magdalena Kwiatkowska, Eva Papazova, Joonha Park, Christopher Marcin Kowalski, Marta Doroszuk, Dzintra Iliško, Sadia Malik, Samuel Lins, Ginés Navarro-Carrillo, Jorge Torres-Marín, Anna Włodarczyk, Sibele Aquino, Georg Krammer
  • What is behind the buzzword for experts and laymen: Representation of "artificial intelligence" in the IT-professionals’ and non-professionals’ minds

    Paweł Fortuna, Oleg Gorbaniuk
  • When workers feel like objects: A field study on self-objectification and affective organizational commitment

    Roberta Rosa Valtorta, Maria Grazia Monaci
  • Little Praise for "In praise of forgiveness"

    Catalina Woldarsky Meneses
  • Exploring perceptions of control within offender cognition and recidivism paradigms

    Anistasha Lightning, Danielle Polage
  • Authentic leadership and its relationship with job satisfaction: the mediator role of organizational dehumanization.

    Eva Arino-Mateo
  • The Prevalence of Sexual Violence Perpetration in Sexual Minority Men: A Secondary Analysis of Systematic Review Data

    RaeAnn Anderson, Sara K. Kuhn, Amanda Vitale, Alyssa Ciampaglia, Kristin Silver
  • Supports and Interventions for family, friends and loved ones of people living with Depressive or Anxiety Symptomology: A Systematic Review

    Elloyse Fitzgeraldson
  • The CO-MAsk Approach: Tips for Fostering Mask Use Among Older Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Marina Maffoni, Valeria Torlaschi, Paola Gabanelli, Paola Abelli, Antonia Pierobon
  • The Future of Cultural Psychology: An Interview With Jaan Valsiner

    Jaan Valsiner, Carolin Demuth, Brady Wagoner, Bo Allesøe Christensen