Forthcoming Articles

Articles below (if any) are "in press", i.e., accepted for publication in Europe’s Journal of Psychology but not yet published. If authors made their accepted version available via PsychArchives a link to the author accepted manuscript (AAM) version is provided.
  • Perceived Discrimination and Psychological Well-Being of Indian and Albanian Immigrants Living in Greece: The Role of Separation and Interdependence

    Evangelia V. Kateri, Evangelos C. Karademas
  • Deployment and Resilience Model applied to Military Children

    Renato Pessoa Santos
  • What makes it difficult to start an intimate relationship: A taxonomy of the reasons

    Menelaos Apostolou

    Palmira Faraci
  • Negative Valence Effect in Affective Forecasting: The unique impact of the valence among dispositional and contextual factors for certain life events

    Virginie Christophe, Michel Hansenne
  • The Perfect Half: The Role of Flow and Personality Traits in Perfectionism and Psychological Well-Being Relationship

    Tamar Kamushadze, Khatuna Martskvishvili, Maia Mestvirishvili, Mariami Odilavadze
  • The Relationship Between Problematic Internet Use, WhatsApp and Personality

    Cristina Bernal-Ruiz, Ana Isabel Rosa-Alcázar
  • Shame and Self-Esteem: A Meta-Analysis

    Yohanes Budiarto
  • Younger sibling adaptation: Differentiation or modeling of older siblings?

    Laura Merino Ramos
  • Integrative review of the recent literature on human resilience: From concepts, theories, and discussions towards a complex understanding

    Clément Métais, Nicolas Burel, Jane E. Gillham, Cyril Tarquinio, Charles Martin-Krumm
  • Are Dimensions of Gender Inequality Uniformly Associated with Human Values?

    Serena Stefani, Gabriele Prati
  • CBM-I training and its effect on interpretations of intent, facial expressions, attention and aggressive behavior.

    Nouran AlMoghrabi
  • When dark humor and moral judgment meet in sacrificial dilemmas

    Emmanuelle Brigaud, Nathalie BLANC
  • Using the pamDC Model to Examine the Role of Subjective and Objective Leisure Time Physical Activity in the Interplay of Job Characteristics and Well-being

    Nina Raffaela Grossi
  • Learning To Wait And Be Altruistic: Testing A Conversational Training In Economic Education For Primary School Children

    Elisabetta Lombardi, Annalisa Valle, Teresa Rinaldi, Davide Massaro, Antonella Marchetti
  • Burnout in Italian primary teachers: the effects of trait emotional intelligence, anxiety trait and job instability

    Giacomo Mancini, Consuelo Mameli, Roberta Biolcati
  • Gender differences in mother-child conversations about self-conscious emotions in a Hungarian sample

    Melinda Pohárnok, András Láng
  • Emotional Impact of Graphic Health Warnings on Tobacco Packaging: Analysis of Their Content

    Carlos Gantiva, Miguel Sotaquirá, Vanessa Chaparro, Laura Colorado, Alejandra Gómez
  • How can students’ entrepreneurial intention be increased? The role of Psychological Capital, perceived learning from an entrepreneurship education program, emotions and their relationships.

    Séverine Chevalier
  • Age of Acquisition of personality terms: Implications for personality theory

    Eka Roivainen
  • The State-Trait Model of Cheerfulness: Tests of measurement invariance and latent mean differences in European and Chinese Canadian Students

    Chloe Lau, Francesca Chiesi, Donald Saklofske
  • The Contribution of Attachment Styles and Reassurance Seeking to Trust in Romantic Couples

    Dr. Lyndsay Evriare, David Dozois, Jesse Lee
  • Living in a world with God: An interpretative phenomenological exploration of the religious experiences of five Baptists in Britain

    James Murphy, Fergal Jones, Dennis Nigbur, Kate Gee
  • A Thematic Analysis of Students’ Perceptions and Experiences of Bullying in UK Higher Education

    Emma Harrison
  • The Importance of Awareness, Acceptance, and Alignment with the Self: A Framework for Understanding Self-Connection

    Kristine Klussman, Nicola Curtin, Julia Langer, Austin Lee Nichols
  • Person- and Situation-Specific Factors in Discounting Science via Scientific Impotence Excuses

    Tom Rosman, Martin Kerwer, Anita Chasiotis, Oliver Wedderhoff
  • Parenting sense of competence in parents of children with and without intellectual disability

    Ana Kurtovic
  • The Emperor of Fashion’s New Starts – Karl Lagerfeld’s Creativity and Meaning in Life in Psychobiographical Perspective

    Claude-Hélène Mayer; James L. Kelley
  • “The episodic superhero and the purpose of winning” – psychobiographer Dan McAdams on the life and personality of Donald Trump

    Claude Helene Mayer
  • The Episodic Man: How a Psychological Biography of Donald J. Trump Casts New Light on Research into Narrative Identity

    Dan McAdams
  • Meaning as part of wellness: A comparative psychobiography on the lives of Helen Suzman and Beyers Naudé

    Carla Nel, Barbara Burnell, Paul Fouche, Roelf Van Niekerk
  • The Spiritual Wellness of an Intellectual, Novelist, Journalist and Politician: The Meaningful Life of Sol Plaatje

    Crystal Welman, Paul Fouche, Pravani Naidoo, Roelf Van Niekerk