After submission there is an initial screening of the paper by EJOP's editors, whereby editors decide whether the submission is appropriate to be send to review or not ('desk reject'). Occasionally, editors may recommend a revision before sending the submission to review. This initial screening usually needs less than one week.

Submissions that pass the initial screening will be assigned to at least two reviewers (double-blind peer review). Based on the reviews editors will make a first editor decision. There are four possible editor decisions:

  • accept submission without revisions
  • accept submission after minor changes have been made (no additional round of review)
  • resubmit submission after significant changes have been made (new round of review starts)
  • decline submission, the submission will not be published in EJOP

Usually, the time span from submission to the first editor decision averages 7-8 weeks.

The time to reach a final decision (accept/decline submission) depends on the number of review rounds, authors' responsiveness etc. Usually, the time span from submission to final decision averages 4 month.

The total turnaround time for publishing a manuscript depends (additionally to the factors mentioned above) on the submission date, the journal's publication schedule, authors' adherence to the publication guidelines etc. Reviewed and accepted submissions are published with EJOP after 7-8 month on average.