An investigation of the effective factors on students´ motivational beliefs: The case of Iranian students


  • Zhaleh Taheri


This study explored the effective factors on students’ motivational beliefs (familial, individual, academic and environmental) among Iranian students. The data are derived from a survey using a standard questionnaire with adequate validity and reliability. The participants of the study were selected from high school students in Tehran (total = 518; female = 293 (56.6%) and male = 225 (43.4%)) through random sampling and within the age group of 15-18 in May 2010. The data was analyzed with the help of Independent Sample Tests, Pearson Correlations and Multiple Regressions. The results revealed that there is a significant relationship between the above mentioned factors and students' motivational beliefs. The effective factors, in the order of their importance are: environmental factors, individual factors and academic factors. It was observed that familial factors do not have a significant effect on students' motivational beliefs; however this result was different between male and female participants.