Living confidently with HIV: A Self-Help Book for People Living with HIV


  • Daljinder Virk


2nd edition Authored by Liz Shaw, Erasmo Tacconelli, Robert Watson, and Claudia Herbert Blue Stallion Publications, 2009 Living confidently with HIV: A Self-Help Book for People Living with HIV has been written by a team of clinical psychologists who have extensive experience in working with patients who have been diagnosed with and are coming to terms with their diagnosis of being HIV positive. Consultant Clinical psychologist Liz Shaw focuses on improving the lives of people with HIV and provides them with positive ways of coping and this certainly resonates throughout the entire book. Erasmo Tacconelli, a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, ensures that his patients feel empowered in coping with stigma and discrimination; this too is resonated throughout the book. Robert Watson is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist whose clinical techniques stem from cognitive behavioural therapy, systemic therapy and cognitive-analytic therapy. His focus is very similar to that of Erasmo but also ensures those who are affected have a good quality of life. Finally, Dr Claudia Herbert, a Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist, specialises in trauma psychology. Claudia Herbert ensures that she can help people adjust to their HIV diagnosis and live their lives well, confidently and enriched despite or possibly because of their chronic condition.