Hospital culture, work satisfaction and psychological well-being


  • Ronald J. Burke
  • Mustafa Koyuncu
  • Lisa Fiksenbaum


This study examined the relationship between self-reports of hospital culture and indicators of work satisfaction and engagement, perceptions of hospital functioning and quality of nursing care, and psychological well-being of nursing staff in Turkish hospitals. It represents the first study of its kind. Data were collected from 224 staff nurses using anonymously completed questionnaires, a 37% response rate. Two aspects of hospital culture were included: hospital support and hospital health and safety climate. Hierarchical regression analyses, controlling for both personal demographic and work situation characteristics, indicated that hospital culture accounted for significant increments in explained variance on most outcome measures, particularly work outcomes. Interestingly, hospital support and hospital health and safety climate were associated with different outcomes in several cases. Explanations for the association of hospital culture with various outcomes are offered along with potentially practical implications.