Personality as moderator of the relationship between communication and couple stability


  • Ariane Lazaridès
  • Claude Bélanger
  • Stéphane Sabourin


In this longitudinal study, we examined the moderating role of personality in the relationship between communication behaviors (withdrawal, dominance, criticism, support, and problem solving) and couple stability. At Time 1, 135 couples completed the NEO Five-Factor Inventory and the Dyadic Adjustment Scale. These couples were also videotaped during a 15-minute problem-solving discussion. Approximately 2.5 years later, these same couples were contacted to assess their relationship status – intact, or separated or divorced. Results show that women’s Time 1 extraversion moderates the relationship between couple stability and men’s withdrawal and problem solving. Men’s neuroticism moderates the relationship between women’s problem solving and couple stability. Men’s agreeableness moderates the relationship between women’s withdrawal and couple stability.