Sex, Sexuality and Therapeutic Practice: A Manual for Therapists and Trainers


  • Vlad Glăveanu


Edited by: Catherine Butler, Amanda O’Donovan, Elizabeth Shaw Routledge, 2010 Sex and sexuality are undoubtedly fashionable topics in our post-modern (Western) culture. They are ubiquitous in mass-media communication, popular culture, and everyday life conversations. “Sex sells”. And yet, it might be that because of this intoxication with sexual stories and images that constantly tell us how sex is and should be we lose our own, personal sense, of what sex and sexuality are or should be for us. Not only because sex is such a fundamental part of our human nature, but also because we are faced with this “societal” avalanche of beliefs, norms, recommendations, impositions, and interdictions about sex and sexuality, that these topics tend to and need to occupy a central place in clinical and therapeutic practice. And it is in this context that manuals addressing sex and sexuality are a real necessity for therapists, health professionals and the general public at large.