Qualitative Approach to Clinical Psychology. Explorative Studies


  • Lara Tagliapietra
  • Tatiana Alina Trifan
  • Laura Raineri
  • Adriana Lis


This article is aimed to present a new approach to clinical research and also to clinical work based on Grounded Theory and on the software developed from it, Atlas.ti. It includes two practical applications of this software, one is the analysis of a clinical interview and the other the assessment of nine interviews taken with the Five Minutes Speech Sample belonging to five couples of parents. As it is presented below, each analysis was performed as a circular process, starting from the data, grouping them into categories, creating codes and then returning to the data in order to sustain them and to establish relations between them. In our view, this is a new and interesting way of approaching clinical data which gives the clinician the possibility of developing a deeper understanding of the patient/client without loosing himelf/herself in the theories of the psychological orientation the psychotherapist belongs to.