Checkmate organizational stress


  • Ana Moise


I changed stress, stress changed me, you can not separate stress form life and you can not separate stress from me, because stress became life and by that stress has influenced all life. But what is stress? I don’t know….
Stress represents one important problem not only from an individual perspective, but also from an organizational point of view. Last decades have known many stress researches but the nature of stress is still an open question. And because stress is everywhere and, as I said before, stress become life, the idea of this editorial is how we can ‘befriend’ stress and how can we turn it from a foe to an ally… In my previous work I have talked about stress from the perspective of eustress (positive stress) reactions versus distress (negative stress) reactions and this distinction will be the starting point here because it is particularly useful for both explaining the phenomenon of stress and for designing strategies that would optimize our stress reaction.