Psychosocial Impact of Mobile Telework: Results from an Online Survey


  • Hiltraut M. Paridon
  • Marlen Hupke


The present study mainly investigates the psychological strain of mobile workers who use information and communication technology. Data was collected via an online-questionnaire. More than 200 participants took part. The results show that the ergonomic conditions of mobile workers should be improved. Flexibility and decision-making latitude associated with mobile work are evaluated quite positively. Constant availability and blurring of boundaries between work and private life is assessed as negative by only one third of the participants. The majority of the respondents receive support from colleagues and experience social interaction. As found in other areas of work, some of the psycho-logical factors may be a risk as well as a resource depending on their extent and dura-tion. This applies, for example, to flexibility and self-organisation. Further research is needed to ascertain to which degree such factors are appropriate for health and well-being. Furthermore, future research should differentiate between different kinds of mo-bile work, namely whether it is office-based or industrial.