An Empirical Evaluation of a Set of Recommendations for Extrasensory Perception Experimental Research


  • José M. Pérez-Navarro
  • Xana Martínez Guerra


One of the main criticisms of extrasensory perception (ESP) research is the lack of replication of positive results across laboratories. In this paper we report a study (N=100) where we tested a set of practices recommended by researchers in the area in order to develop a robust 'recipe' for ESP experimental research. In an experimental condition that included these practices we observed a 30% rate of correct guesses (z=0.82, p=0.21, one-tailed) compared to a 22% rate observed in a control condition (z=-0.49, p=0.31, one-tailed). It is discussed how results obtained so far, with free-response protocols, are not strong enough to fully satisfy mainstream science.