Suicide Ideation and Psychopathology Among Adolescents


  • Brijesh Kumar Upadhayay
  • Rohtash Singh


Suicides are linked to feelings of depression and hopelessness. Other factors in suicide include anxiety, drug abuse, problems in school or at work, and social problems. Aim of the present investigation is to know the differences between male and female adolescents. The sample consists of 50 (25 male and 25 female) subjects drawn from district Hardwar. The age of all subjects ranged from 15 to 18 years (mean 16.5 years) and majority of the subjects belonged to middle socio-economic status. All the tests were administered on the sample in-group setting in classrooms. Over the centuries, suicide had different meanings. Males of all the ages commit suicide at a higher rate than females although females attempt suicide more often than males. Suicide rates in India have shown a gradually increasing trend. Study reveals that male adolescents have scored significantly higher on the measures of suicidal ideation, whereas male adolescents have more psychological impairment on psychopathic deviation (Pp). There is significance gender difference on the measure of suicide ideation.