Interview with Dr. Carol S. Kelly


  • Vlad Glăveanu


Carol S. Kelly is a Professor Emeriti in Child and Adolescent Development at California State University Northridge. She has been honored for her teaching and mentorship of students including receiving the Outstanding Teaching Award from the University in 1995. She has served at USA representative to FICE, a UNESCO affiliated organization that supports children and adolescents at high risk. In this capacity, she has supported FICE Romania through presentations at the 1996 international symposia on the Convention on the Rights of the Child and at the 2005 International Conference on Children and Domestic and Community Violence. In addition she is on the FICE Romania Editorial Board. She was presented with the medallion of appreciation for the Romania International Federation of Educative Communities. Carol has also presented at many international conferences and has published in her field. She serves on the Board of the Association of Child and Youth Care Practitioners where she has been on national committees including National Certification of Child and Youth Care Professionals. She also serves on their editorial board.
Carol was a Senior Consultant at the United Nations in Vienna for the International Year of the Family in 1993. She worked at the international level as well as working with Hungry to prepare for this special year honoring families. Carol was director of a Peace Expo in 1989 in which over 60 community agencies, internationally know speakers shared with an audience of over five thousand participants including children and adolescents.
Her work reflects her goal of contributing to a less violent more peaceful world.