Neuroticism, Ego Defence Mechanisms and Valoric Types: a correlative study


  • Carolina Stanescu
  • Paul Morosanu


The present study has as main object the investigation of the relationship between neuroticism, Ego defense mechanisms and valoric types, on a sample of 39 participants selected from the general population. In order to serve this purpose we started from the main psychoanalythic theories about defense mechanisms and neurotism, and we made the concepts that we used functional based on the psychological instruments used and the psychological thories underlying them: Bond´s “Defense Styles Questionnaire” for defense mechanisms; Allport-Vernon scale for the values as part of the personality and a composite testing instrument made up of neurotism items from Eysenck Personality Inventory and Cattell´s 16 Personality Factors. A significant number of our hypothesis has confirmed after performing the statistical data processing. On the one hand, we the authors of this investigation consider our results per se and this fact is going to be presented widely in the “Discussion” section and, on the other hand, we see our results also as starting points for further investigation in the area.