The Process Of Dreaming, Communication And A Bit Of Psycho-Analysis (Part 1)


  • Adela Toplean


Is the reality of the dream something (slightly) different from the psychic reality? We will try to answer this question by fitting the problem of dream into a classic communication pattern and looking at the psychic agencies from a communication-related perspective. Thus, the dream will take the form of a message whose shape is influenced by the sender and the receiver requirements, but also set as an (apparently) autonomous product of the unconscious. How much legitimacy would then lie in assigning the regulation of the onirical reality to “another” consciousness? Would it be possible for the reality “state” we experience while dreaming to be due to a sort of onirical awareness that arises from an integration-reflex in the moment when the dreamer encounters a world that lacks any kind of antagonistic sensations and so, seemingly, very real? Such faultless integration into the dreamt world through precise reflexes that are just the same as the ones used for appropriately approaching the outside world, seriously moots the problem of an (appearing) autonomy of reactions of the sleeping man – still perfectly awake in the strange light of a new, paradoxical and less approached “vigilance”.