The „Superposed Profile” of Diplomatic Requirements and Expectations in View of Romania’s Adhesion to NATO and the EU


  • Ruxandra Rascanu


Foreign Affairs – as a practical activity, science or/and a form of arts – ask for solid interdisciplinary knowledge, as well as a series of inter-relationship abilities that are to be displayed inside and outside the country. The author has created some tests (answer/response) that she has used in 1994 and 2004, on two groups of subjects working for the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Romania. Their answers have been decoded „in mirror” (for comparison purposes). Some other tools have been used: VAT, a semi-structured interview, brainstorming etc.; their purpose was to re-direct the options, decisions, motivation and abilities for team-work; they are all self-projections for two groups of specialists-actors who try to help in Romania’s efforts toward adhesion to the EU and NATO.