Social Representations between Greeks and Jordanians: A comparative study


  • Khaleel Al-Said
  • Vassilios Makrakis
  • Pella Calogiannakis
  • Nelly Kostoulas-Makrakis
  • Theodora De Baz


The present paper refers to a comparative study of Social Representations (SRs) for a sample of 1207 Greek and Jordanians primary school pupils (653 from Rethymnon city of Greece and 554 from Zarka city of Jordan). The data were collected through an open-ended questionnaire. Conceptually, three directions of images or social representations were formulated; positive, neutral and negative. The results clearly show that the direction of images for both samples was moved towards neutral SRs, as depicted by the quantity of statements. The study also revealed that the main source of information about their social representations to each other was the school for the Jordanian pupils and television for the Greek pupils.