Refugee Mothers Mental Health and Social Support Needs: A Systematic Review of Interventions for Refugee Mothers


  • Kim Roger Abi Zeid Daou


Refugee mothers endure and are at risk for depression, post-traumatic stress, suicidality, and anxiety. There is a gap in the literature regarding interventions for refugee mothers’ mental health and well-being. Interventions involving refugee mothers rarely provide adequate support for refugee mothers’ specific mental health needs and challenges. This paper presents empirical evidence to contextualize the risks refugee mothers face, such as gender-based violence, mental health challenges, and language barriers. Then, the paper provides a critical systematic review of interventions conducted with refugee mothers. The critical systematic review suggests that creating and providing a safe space, being a linguistic liaison, community-building, and advocating for refugee mothers’ needs are emergent protective factors for refugee mothers. Finally, based on the review, recommendations for future interventions followed.