Brain Observatory and the Continuing Study of H.M.: Interview with Jacopo Annese


  • Rhian Worth
  • Jacopo Annese


Professor Jacopo Annese is director and founder of the Brain Observatory, University of California San Diego. As a computational neuroanatomist Jacopo Annese founded the Brain Observatory in 2005. At the Observatory work is under way to develop a public atlas of the human brain and a digital brain library. The Observatory also houses a brain bank. Included in the brain bank is one of the most famous cases in memory research: H.M. It is hoped that this work will help with our understanding of the brain. This innovative project, often involving technology developed in-house at the Brain Observatory was featured as the world’s most innovative brain bank by the Financial Times (December 2011). In this interview Jacopo discusses research at the Brain Observatory, memory, H.M., and an insight into future of project H.M.