Factorial Structure and Psychometric Properties of the Sensation Seeking Scale – Form V (SSS-V) in a Sample of Italian Adolescents


  • Giovanna Manna
  • Palmira Faraci
  • Maria Rosaria Como


The present study was designed to evaluate the psychometric properties of the Sensation Seeking Scale – Form V (SSS-V) for the Italian-speaking population. The instrument was administered to 1,530 high school and college students. A second group of 268 high school students completed the SSS-V and the Impulsiveness Questionnaire (IVE). Exploratory factor analysis highlighted a 2-factor structure, Thrill and Adventure Seeking (TAS) and Disinhibition (Dis). Confirmatory factor analysis revealed an adequate model fit. Internal consistency of the subscales was marginally supported using the alpha reliability measure. Convergent validity was supported by significant positive correlations between Venturesomeness IVE subscale and both TAS and Dis. As a proof of discriminant validity, Impulsiveness was found to be not related to TAS and lowly correlated to Dis. Our results corroborated the outcomes of many previous studies suggesting the need to test the SSS-V degree of factor invariance and factor structure stability. Further analyses involving independent samples are required to confirm the present findings.