Authentic Leadership and Its Relationship With Job Satisfaction: The Mediator Role of Organizational Dehumanization


  • Matías Arriagada-Venegas
  • Eva Ariño-Mateo
  • Raúl Ramírez-Vielma
  • Gabriela Nazar-Carter
  • David Pérez-Jorge


The objective of this research was to examine the mediating role that organizational dehumanization plays between authentic leadership and job satisfaction. The study was carried out with a sample of 422 participants, 50.7% were men and 49.3% women, with an average age of 38.96 years. The workers belong to different public and private organizations in Chile, and they responded to instruments of sociodemographic characterization, employment history and the scales of organizational dehumanization, authentic leadership, and job satisfaction. Data analysis included descriptive, correlational, and mediation analyses. The results allow us to maintain the hypothesis that organizational dehumanization plays a mediator role in the relationship between authentic leadership and job satisfaction. Implications of these findings are discussed.