Workplace Attachment Style as Moderator of the Relationship Between Political Skills and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors


  • Jean-Frantz Bruny
  • Boris Vallée
  • Fabio Bernardi
  • Liliane Rioux
  • Fabrizio Scrima


A number of studies have demonstrated the role played by political skills on organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs). Other research has also shown how the work environment can affect OCBs. However, no research has yet addressed the role that workplace attachment style plays in influencing employee OCBs. The present study aims to investigate the moderating role of workplace attachment style on the relationship between political skills and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCBs) using a cross-sectional design. The research was carried out with the participation of 185 French office workers. Research hypotheses were tested by means of three moderation models. The results show that political skills are positively related to OCB, and that secure and preoccupied workplace attachment styles moderate the relationship between political skills and OCB. These results therefore underline the importance of appropriate organizational environmental management in promoting OCBs.