Police Officers Over Career Stages: Satisfaction and Well Being (1)


  • Ronald J. Burke
  • Alaug Mikkelsen


This study compared work experiences, work satisfactions and psychological well-being of police officers in constable jobs across five career stages using age cutoffs. These stages were: 32 years of age or younger, 33 to 37, 38-42, 43-47 and 48 years or older. Data were collected from 466 police officers in Norway using anonymously completed questionnaires. The five career stage groups differed on personal demographic and work situation characteristics (e.g., shift schedule, police tenure) related to age. Constables in early career stages reported more favourable work outcomes, greater social support, less exhaustion and cynicism, fewer subjective health complaints and better over-all health. There were also many areas where the career stage groups were similar (e.g., job demands, job satisfaction). The findings suggest the importance of particularly responding to the needs of constables in later career stages.

Author Biography

Ronald J. Burke, York University, Toronto, Canada